Captive Insurance / Lending Services, Investment Banking and Capital Markets

AIG has extensive knowledge in setting up Captive Insurance structures arranged to meet specific needs with, the capability of utilizing collateralized lending. Our group is the vital source for the information in raising capital and M&A transactions. With in depth analysis of news, analytics, investment banking data and detailed company financial profiles we provide essential resources to develop and support your needs.

Investment Management

Experts within financial institutions, media & communications, hospitality sector, pharmaceutical/nutraceutical, energy sectors, real estate and commercial properties count on our group to make strategic decisions, whether for investing or operational management.

Private Equity

Our group uses profitability Index to assist whether making decision for entertainment investments, power plant analysis for energy, geographic exposure reports for REITs, or in-depth analyst estimates for banking. And in M&A we help you calculate deal value with precision in related data. We Compare market performance against key industry metrics and ratios with geographic analysis and investment details with respect to each specific region and sector.


We provide resources at every stage of the organization, our team assist you with the development of corporate strategies to day-to-day operations. 
When it comes to M&A; Do you want to acquire or be acquired? We give you the tools to develop pricing strategies with merger and acquisition scenarios that align with your vision. 

Credit Services

We assist with processing paper work for obtaining Bank Instruments. We also provide line of credit against projects, bank guarantees and letter of credit. 


We keep on top of dynamic markets, build proprietary models and generate new ideas by integrating latest data with the relevant current geopolitical atmosphere, providing you accurate actionable knowledge.  

helping your company find its way.